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2013 Schedule Released: 25 Games to Watch this Season

April 20, 2013 • AFC, Lists, NFC, PreviewComments (0)

As far as the offseason goes, last night marked the first time that football fans could actually get a feel for how the 2013 regular season will unfold. Sure, the bulk of off-season moves have been made and we have started to get an early look out how the depth charts will look. But after [&hellip...

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NFL History 101: Top 5 Defenses of All-Time

March 22, 2013 • History, ListsComments (1)

It’s been a while since we’ve posted an NFL History 101 article, so I’d say it’s about time for another one, don’t you think? There’s been a debate for years: who has the best defense of all-time? Or at least during the...

Hall of Fame Class of 2013: Seven More Set to be Enshrined in August

February 3, 2013 • Breaking News, Features, ListsComments (0)

Before I get down to my Super Bowl prediction for tonight’s big game, I thought I’d take the time to honor the five modern-era and two senior candidates who were elected to join the Hall of Fame in August 2013. Of the 17 finalists, only seven were...

Ray Lewis Announces he will Retire at end of Season: Top 5 Moments of 17-year Career

January 2, 2013 • AFC, Breaking News, Lists, RetirementsComments (1)

The big news in Baltimore today is the announcement that the 37-year old middle linebacker Ray Lewis will retire from the game after the 2012-13 season is complete. Lewis’ 17th and final season as the Baltimore Ravens greatest player of all-time will...

NFL History 101: All-time Top 12 Defensive Tackles Weighing 300+ lbs

December 16, 2012 • History, ListsComments (1)

Here at All-Out Blitz we’ve decided to come out with a series I like to call “NFL History 101.” This is a series that will feature a different subject/topic each time and will focus on anything that has to do with NFL history, ranging from...

Classic Uniforms: Which Throwback Unis are the Best of the Best?

October 27, 2012 • AFC, Features, History, Lists, NFCComments (0)

Over the last couple of years we’ve seen more and more teams turn back the clock by bringing some of the franchise’s classic uniforms back out on to the field. So that begs the question: whose classic unis are the best of the best? I’ve...

Contenders or Pretenders: Week 8 Edition

October 25, 2012 • AFC, Lists, NFCComments (0)

As we approach Week 8, we begin to decipher the playoff contenders from the “pretenders.” Now, this should come as somewhat self-explanatory but, just in case you were born yesterday, the teams labeled below as “pretenders” are teams...

Never too Early: MVP Candidates Through Week 5

October 11, 2012 • AFC, Lists, NFCComments (0)

Who said it was too early to look forward to the Most Valuable Player of the 2012 season? It’s never too early to talk MVP! Through five weeks of play there are numerous players in the running for the league’s most coveted individual award. Here...

Vikings, Cards Top List of Surprise Teams

October 9, 2012 • AFC, Drama, Lists, NFCComments (0)

Every NFL season, a team seems to come out of nowhere and shake our faith in what we think we know about how they will perform. The 2012 season has proved no different. A few teams have already exceeded expectations and find themselves ranked at or near the...

Week 5 Power Rankings: League’s Top 10 After First Quarter of Season

October 2, 2012 • AFC, Lists, NFCComments (0)

With Chicago’s 34-18 beat-down––well, more like massacre––of Tony Romo’s Cowboys in the books, Week 4 is now history. Meaning a quarter of the 2012 NFL season is already behind us. It’s a bit odd when you think about it, but I...