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  1. Manuel Ortiz says:

    I cannot really blame the NY Jets for the firing of Rex Ryan, although he has shown to give their divisional opponents fits, especially the New England Patriots. Under Rex everyone was given gold in press conferences but that in no way shape or form was going to help keep his job. Under Rex, the Jets had top 10 defenses year in year out and that definitely could of helped him keep his job but we really can’t overlook the fact they missed the playoffs these past 4 years. Just because you are a great defensive coordinator or a great defensive mind doesn’t make you a great head coach. He is the hottest defensive coordinator available for a defensive position on someone’s staff but isn’t on too many radars if any as a head coach. Hottest not because of his good looks, but his defensive knowledge although he has lost some weight. We all know that the Jets are lacking talent on the defensive side past their front seven but Rex still managed. With all the work the defenses have put in even with this years lack of defensive backs they at least had talent on the offensive side, and yes I say this even though they have an unproven Quarterback. They had Mark Sanchez who played decent with the Eagles, so I say Geno is no the problem. Rex as a head coach paired with a good offensive coordinator with a Chip Kellyesk kind of philosophy would of saved Rex’s job. The problem with Rex is that he thought Marty would save his job, there is what led to his firing. Imagine this Geno in the pistol running a read option with Running Backs Chris Johnson and Chris Ivory, imagine Jace Amaro at his usual Tightend position and Receivers Percy Havrin and Eric Dceker, Chip would be happy because he would have size, power and speed. Marty costed Rex his job, with his inability to coach up a good offensive scheme. Only team to still run the wildcat.

  2. Stephen Williams says:

    Hi there,

    I’m currently a Sports Journalist from Staffordshire University in England. I am tasked with getting as much of my work published as possible. I was wondering if it would be possible to send articles to you with a view to the article being published.

    Thank you,
    Stephen Williams.

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