AFL: Hall of Fame QB Sherdrick Bonner Talks About his Career

March 17, 2014 • John Ulecka • Arena Football League, Front Page, Interviews

Sherdrick Bonner, Arena Football League Hall of Fame Quarterback

College: Cal State-Northridge
1993-2007: Arizona Rattlers
1998: Atlanta Falcons (NFL Practice Squad)
1999: Arizona Cardinals/San Diego Chargers (NFL Practice Squad)
2008: Chicago Rush

Career Highlights:

2x ArenaBowl Champion (VIII & XI)
ArenaBowl VIII MVP
NFC Champion (1998)
2x 1st Team All-Arena (1998 & 2003)
3x 2nd Team All-Arena (1997, 2000 & 2002)
AFL 20 Greatest Players #8 (2006)
AFL 25 Greatest Players #7 (2012)
AFL Hall of Fame (2012)

Arena Football Stats:
Cmp/Att: 3,314/5,366
Passing yards: 42,246
TD-Int: 855-124
QB Rating: 116.3

All-Out Blitz: You had an illustrious Arena Football League career. What is the proudest moment over your AFL career?

Sherdrick Bonner: I would have to say being inducted to the HOF.

AOB: How do you feel the AFL has grown since your first year back in 1993?

Bonner: The talent level has risen every year since and continues to do so. The AFL is getting those players that would have previously gone to Canada.

AOB: During your playing career, what players and/or coaches had the biggest impact on your success?

Bonner: Obviously Danny White had a big impact on my career. Playing with Hunkie Cooper was a great experience and I learned how to lead from those two guys. As far as opponents, Tim Marcum as a coach was one of the most competitive guys I’ve ever seen and I loved playing against his teams because you had to be at your best. Jay Gruden just watching his game made me realize the most important thing was to just get the win. He always found a way. I loved that about his game and tried to implement that philosophy into my game.

AOB: When the AFL was celebrating their 25th anniversary (in 2012) you were named one of the league’s top players of all-time. What was it liked to be named one of the best players in league history?

Bonner: I’ve been blessed to play and be coached by some of the best. It means everything to me to be in the company of those great players.

AOB: Arena football is a much different style of play––especially as a quarterback––what would you say the biggest adjustment was from college/NFL to the AFL?

Bonner: I believe the pace of play is the biggest adjustment the AFL the decisions have to happen so quickly, the outdoor game to me was slower.

AOB: What in your opinion makes a great AFL player?

Bonner: A great Arena Player is one that truly gives his heart to the league and is appreciative for the opportunity to grow and work on his skills and talents. It doesn’t hurt to be big, strong, fast and athletic.

AOB: Which was a bigger deal to you: winning two Arena Bowls, or being inducted into the AFL Hall of Fame?

Bonner: I believe they’re equal, each is a culmination of hard work one for the season and the other for what you did year after year. Both are amazing!

AOB: Who was you favorite WR to throw to during your career?

Bonner: That’s a hard question to answer so I’m going to give you three guys and that’s my final answer 1.Calvin Schexnayder 2. Randy Gatewood tied for 3. Chris Horn and Siaha Burley. Final answer.

AOB: Which quarterback in the game right now most resembles yourself?

Bonner: I would have to go with Nick Davila. We’re both lefties and he seem to see the game a little bit quicker than most guys. Love his game, big fan.

AOB: What teams do you feel have the best shot at the ArenaBowl this year?

Bonner: Until something changes Arizona and Philadelphia until someone else shows they’re ready to take it from this 2 team.

AOB: Thanks for your time, Sherdrick.

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