Arizona State SS Alden Darby Answers AOB’s Draft Questions

May 8, 2014 • John Ulecka • Front Page, Interviews, NFL Draft

Alden Darby, Arizona State
Strong Safety
5’11″/192 pounds
College Stats and accomplishments:
217 tackles
22 Passes defensed
10 Interceptions
**Two-Time All-PAC 12 honoree, including 2013 First Team**
Darby was the first Arizona StateSun Devil to earn the privilege of wearing the Pat Tillman practice jersey.
The Arizona State safety has straight-line speed when crashing down from his safety position to meet ball carriers. He has the play-making ability of tracking the ball and attacking (10 career Ints). Darby shows the footwork in pass coverage and has the proper from when coming up to make a tackle in the open field.
Luckily for us, Darby took time prior to tonight’s draft to do an exclusive interview with us.
All-Out Blitz: How has playing for Arizona State helped you mature as a player?
Alden Darby: Playing for ASU under two totally different style coaches (Coach Erickson for two years, Coach Graham for two years) really helped me mature as a player and understand the important things that have to deal with not only football but life. I got to see both sides of a college athlete. The do-whatever-you-want side and a disciplined side. So I know which is better for your career and life (discipline side).
AOB: What has been the best part of your pre-draft process, and why?
Darby: It’s all been great honestly. It’s made me more appreciative for everything that’s coming my way. Because it’s truly a blessing. The relationships are one thing that has made an impact on me as well.
AOB: How do you see yourself contributing and what would you bring to an NFL team?
Darby: I see myself bringing leadership and character to a team. As far as play-making, I see myself adding to a tan in every way possible. Special teams, defense scout team, wherever they need me I’ll be there making plays.
AOB: Many draft pundits say you lack NFL size at safety. How do you take criticism and use it?
Darby: Honestly I don’t see why they still chose to say certain players lack size when there is a number of guys––not only at my position––that are same size if not smaller than me that are known as one of the best in the game. For example, Eric Weddle. I don’t believe he’s taller then me. But he’s one of the best. So I’m not sure where they come up with this stuff.
AOB: What would you say is your best on-field attribute?
Darby: My best attribute would me my knowledge for the game. I know every position inside and out.
AOB: What was your most memorable moment in your college career?
Darby: My first time ever coming out of Tillman tunnel. I’ll never forget it.
AOB: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us. Good luck in the NFL!
Photo: FOX Sports Arizona

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