Best Mobile QB of All-Time: Cunningham, Vick or Young?

July 2, 2016 • Ben Heck • Features, Front Page, History, Lists, Off-Season, Photos/Video

Michael Vick celebrated his 36th birthday earlier this week, giving a reason to post some of the best runs of his prolonged professional football career.

This had me nostalgic, as I watched a few Vick highlights…then went on to watching some old school highlight videos of mobile QBs such as Randall Cunningham and Steve Young.

Which of the three would you put as the league’s best mobile quarterback of all-time? Or would you pick a different guy to put at the top of the list? We added the numbers up––and added in a couple of the aforementioned highlight vids for your enjoyment.

All-Time QB Rushing Yards List

3. Steve Young: 4,239 yards, 43 touchdowns, 5.9 YPC (143 starts)

2. Randall Cunningham: 4,928 yards, 35 touchdowns, 6.4 YPC (135 starts)

1. Michael Vick: 6,109 yards, 36 touchdowns, 7.0 YPC (115 starts)

Seeing as he accumulated the most career rushing yards (by more than 1,000 yards), and did so in the fewest number of starts under center, I’d say picking Vick as the No. 1 rushing QB in NFL history is a no-brainer. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy what Cunningham and Young did during the ’90s.

Other great mobile quarterbacks in NFL history: Fran Tarkenton, John Elway, Bobby Douglass, Donovan McNabb, Steve McNair, Kordell Stewart, Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, Brett Favre.

Photo: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

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