Can Bengals Go Undefeated? A Look at Their Road Ahead

November 11, 2015 • Joe Messineo • AFC North, Cincinnati Bengals, Features, Front Page

The Cincinnati Bengals are 8-0 for the first time in franchise history. That’s pretty cool, but this team isn’t satisfied with just 8 straight wins. The Bengals are a threat to win the Super Bowl this year, but they’re also a threat to do something that’s nearly as spectacular: finish the regular season undefeated. The last team to the do that was the 2007 New England Patriots. Can the Bengals be next? Let’s take a look at their road ahead.

Cincinnati Bengals Upcoming Schedule

vs. Houston Texans
This is a prime time game, but the Bengals are more than up to the task. The Texans simply aren’t that good of a team.

@ Arizona Cardinals
This is the first of several really dangerous games for the Bengals. The Cardinals have a strong secondary, and the Bengals are an offensive-minded team. That could be a dangerous combination for QB Andy Dalton. It’s an away game and a prime time matchup, plus the Bengals will have one day fewer to prepare for it (since they play on Monday instead of Sunday the week before). Of course, the Bengals already proved that they can handle tough defenses when they beat the Seattle Seahawks.

vs. St. Louis Rams
The Bengals should beat the Rams, but it’s going to be tough going up against such a physical defense. The Rams have already made their mark with physical play this season by injuring QB Ben Roethlisberger and knocking QB Teddy Bridgewater unconscious. They’re a very, very physical team.

@ Cleveland Browns
The Browns are no match for the Bengals this year. The only thing that could make this game dangerous would be lingering fatigue and injuries from facing the Rams.

vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
The Steelers will be an easier team to face now that RB Le’Veon Bell is out for the season. Of course, they’re still a dangerous team, a Wild Card contender, and a divisional rival. This will be a tough one, but we think Cincy will pull it off at home.

@ San Francisco 49ers
If the Bengals lose this game, then something has gone terribly wrong.

@ Denver Broncos
The Broncos are easily the most dangerous team remaining on the Bengals’ schedule. Their strong defensive play will match up well against the Bengals’ offensive strengths. No team in the league has a better defense than the Broncos, and the Bengals will have to face it in an away game.

vs. Baltimore Ravens
The Ravens aren’t quite as bad as their record indicates, but we still think that the Bengals can easily top them at home.

Our prediction:

The games to circle are the ones against the Cardinals, Steelers, and Broncos. We think that the Bengals can top the Cards and Steelers and head into the last two weeks undefeated, but we also think that their streak will come to an end against Denver. Of course, the Bengals have the talent to prove us wrong––and we’re excited to see them try.

Photo: Andy Lyons/Getty Images

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