Another scary NFL moment took place last night as Indianapolis Colts TE Brandon Williams was carted off the field on a stretcher after taking a hit against the Denver Broncos while blocking for an Indianapolis punt. Luckily, soon-there-after, Williams was released from the hospital and returned to the Colts’ lockerRead More →

I think tonight may mark the first time a professional football player has ever announced his retirement on Comedy Central. Indianapolis Colts’ long-time punter Pat McAfee has had an unusual NFL career, which perhaps is why it’s only fitting he has an unusual retirement announcement. The 29-year old made anRead More →

It was certainly a rough way to end the game last weekend against the Falcons. After going up 32-26, the Packers’ allowed a game-winning touchdown drive by Matt Ryan and the dynamic Falcons’ offense, which ultimately led to a Mohamed Sanu touchdown. A major positive to take is how well theRead More →

Through the first three quarters of play in this morning’s 9:30 a.m. (eastern time) AFC South match-up between Indianapolis and Jacksonville in London’s Wembley Stadium, Jacksonville held a 23-6 lead in what appeared to be a somewhat boring, low-scoring game. But then, the fourth quarter happened. Through the first eightRead More →

ESPN’s Adam Schefter had it first. At the ripe age of 26, Indianapolis Colts’ quarterback Andrew Luck is now the highest-paid player in National Football League history. Entering his fifth season in the league, Luck just signed an historic five-year contract extension. Luck’s new contract, which is for six yearsRead More →

We’ve played 7 weeks’ worth of games in the 2015 NFL season, and it’s amazing how much we’ve learned. Who would have said, before the season, that the Seattle Seahawks would be below .500 this late in the season? Who would have guessed that the Patriots, improbably, would look evenRead More →