While former NFL great Barry Sanders was greatly-respected for simply tossing the officials the ball after scoring his 100+ touchdowns throughout his career (and for great reason), I’m very skeptical about this new angle the league is taking on certain celebrations starting this season. Yes, certain divas––Chad Johnson, Terrell Owens,Read More →

New Jacksonville head coach Gus Bradley has been impressed with rookie fifth round pick Denard Robinson, former Michigan Wolverines quarterback, thus far this off-season. He’s even gone as far as to designate Robinson with the roster position of “OW.” Offensive Weapon. Robinson played quarterback for Michigan all four years, accumulatingRead More →

It surely isn’t looking good for New England Patriots tight end/H-back Aaron Hernandez. The 23-year old star finds himself in the middle of a Massachusetts murder investigation, and the evidence is quickly piling up against him. Multiple sources have reported with updated information since Tuesday, when Hernandez’s home was firstRead More →