Yesterday, it was the quarterbacks. Today we’ll attempt to tackle the running back projections heading into this fantasy season. Again, this list is ordered by fantasy point projections and, in addition to the statistics, are relevant to your typical 10-12 team, head-to-head fantasy league. Here are our top 25 backsRead More →

We’ve compiled a list of projections for this coming season, starting with quarterbacks. It’s never too early to start prepping for your fantasy league draft. In addition to the statistic projections, we’ve included a fantasy point total for the entire season, which is relevant towards your standard, head-to-head, 10-12 teamRead More →

Rookies ruled the NFL in yesterday’s action, with two records being broken in fashion. Indianapolis’ Andrew Luck broke the single-game passing yards record with 433 yards in a 23-20 win over Miami’s starting rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill. The previous record was 432, set by Carolina’s Cam Newton a season ago.Read More →

With 4 weeks of the NFL season in the books, fantasy football players have experienced a mixed bag of surprises, disappointments and unpredictable replacement refs. Some players like RB Arian Foster and WR Roddy White have performed as expected. While others like those listed below have turned high fantasy expectationsRead More →

Unfortunately (for you, the readers) I have been pretty busy this weekend and was unable to give an official preview of the early (1 p.m. ET) games today. This could have put a damper on your fantasy lineup this weekend because well, lets face it, I’m sure you were lookingRead More →