As an NFL General Manager, would you give up two of your first-round picks (one this year, one next year) for a back-up quarterback with just two career NFL starts under his belt? Well that’s apparently the defending champion New England Patriots’ new asking price for 25-year old Jimmy Garoppolo.Read More →

With the Rams leaving town over the off-season, St. Louis football fans have been struggling to cope with the fact they will no longer be able to enjoy NFL games at the dome every Sunday afternoon during the fall. Especially now that training camps are about to be in full swing,Read More →

ESPN’s Adam Schefter had it first. At the ripe age of 26, Indianapolis Colts’ quarterback Andrew Luck is now the highest-paid player in National Football League history. Entering his fifth season in the league, Luck just signed an historic five-year contract extension. Luck’s new contract, which is for six yearsRead More →

With reports swirling regarding the league’s upcoming investigation into the players who were linked to the Al-Jezeera/PED report in January, Pittsburgh Steelers’ LB James Harrison––one of the players named in the documentary––has made it public that he would agree to meet with league investigators. With his own conditions though, of course:Read More →