Donte Hitner: 49ers’ SS Whitner Legally Changing Name, Appealing Fine

October 2, 2013 • Ben Heck • Breaking News, Front Page, NFC

Say what? Does this mean we will really have to call San Francisco 49ers strong safety Donte Whitner by the name “Donte Hitner” when referring to him?

In a series of tweets (well, just two tweets I guess) posted by Donte last night and this morning, it was revealed that he would be legally changing his name with the approval of his mother, of course.

This is supposedly a move that has been brought about by the NFL continuing to fine him for illegal hits, the most recent coming in at $21,000 following his hit on St. Louis Rams’ wide receiver Chris Givens last Thursday.

Though I have my doubts about the seriousness of his legal name-change, how badass would it be if we got to see Whitner run around the field hitting guys with “Hitner” on the back of his #31 jersey?

Reportedly, following Whitner’s hit on Givens, Givens got up and told him that he thought the hit was legal. This may be even more incentive for Whitner’s appeal of the $21k fine. If the guy who was hit thought it shouldn’t have warranted a flag, then I have reason to believe that it was a borderline call. The 15-yard penalty should have been punishment enough for the safety and his Niners. However, the league does need to crack down on player safety, so I’m not so sure Hitner’s appeal will be accepted.Hitner

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