Hall of Fame Debate: Edgerrin James vs. Taylor/Dillon

July 27, 2017 • Ben Heck • Features, Front Page, History, Opinion

Hey remember when Fred Taylor went on a Twitter rampage earlier this month, expressing his disgust for not yet being selected for the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

Quick refresher:

There were a plethora of additional tweets he sent out, conversing with Jaguars and Fred Taylor fans regarding his HOF case if you’d like to check out his profile. But, yes, Taylor truly believes he should have already been inducted into the Hall.

Corey Dillon is also pretty pissed off about not being in either.

Here’s a brief quote of Dillon’s via Bengals Beat Podcast:

“I am who I am. My numbers are what they are. I don’t know if I have to go on TV to politic this thing. It seems like that’s where this thing is going where you have to go and get a job on one of these networks. I don’t think that’s the right way of going about it. Somebody should be able to just sit there and look at these numbers and say, you know what, this guy is legit.

I’m just bringing up this guy football-wise, nothing else, nothing whatsoever. You’ve got O.J. Simpson in the Hall of Fame and my numbers are better than his. Why can’t I be there is my question? What validates him being there and I don’t. I’m not talking about his transgressions off the field, that’s on him. I look at this too, you played for the Broncos, okay? Any running back that got in that system, they were good. Tell me one running back that played there that didn’t have stats.”

First off, both of these guys had great careers. There’s no denying that.

But, the Terrell Davis argument Dillon brought up, regarding his small sample size (seven NFL seasons) is completely irrelevant to Hall of Fame status. Gale Sayers played only seven seasons and is still known as one of the greatest to ever play.

Not to mention Davis was forced to wait his turn…something that apparently Dillon and Taylor refuse to do.

Davis, who will be inducted in August, had to wait until his 11th year of eligibility before getting the call. He’s been out of the league since ’01.

Dillon has been out of the league since March ’07. It’s been about 10 years, but it takes five years before you’re even eligible. And Fred Taylor has only been out of the league since 2010. The pair of running backs may just have to wait their turn on this one.

Edgerrin James hasn’t even been selected yet, and he has a much stronger HOF case than both Taylor and Dillon.

Here’s a quick comparison between the three backs:

Edgerrin James — 11 seasons with Colts, Cardinals, Seahawks (135 starts)
12,246 rushing yards, 80 rushing touchdowns (4.0 YPC)
12th on all-time rushing list
4 Pro Bowl selections, 4 All-Pro selections

Fred Taylor — 13 seasons with Jaguars (137 starts)
11,695 rushing yards, 66 rushing touchdowns (4.6 YPC)
17th on all-time rushing list
1 Pro Bowl selection, 1 All-Pro selection

Corey Dillon — 10 seasons with Bengals and Patriots (132 starts)
11,241 rushing yards, 82 rushing touchdowns (4.3 YPC)
20th on all-time rushing list
4 Pro Bowl selections
Super Bowl champion

So sure, Fred and Corey, great careers. But I can’t see you getting in before James, who at least led the league in rushing (twice) during his career. Neither of you were even the best in the league during your respective careers.

Case closed.

Photo: Peter Brouillet/NFL Photo Library

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