Incognito/Martin Texts Seem to Tell a Different Story

February 4, 2014 • Ben Heck • AFC, AFC East, Breaking News, Drama, Front Page

Thanks to The Big Lead, over 1,000 texts exchanged between former Miami Dolphins offensive linemen Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin have been made public.

(You can read the 1,000+ texts here. Warning: explicit content).

But, the release of the texts have painted a completely different picture about the alleged hazing that took place between the accused Incognito, who was suspended indefinitely from the team on November 4.

Jonathan Martin had left the team facility on October 30 over reported “emotional” issues. It was then reported that it was due to harassment within the locker room. According to several news outlets, the ring-leader of these harassment incidents was Martin’s offensive line teammate and veteran Richie Incognito.

It was later revealed, upon further investigation, that threatening texts had been sent to Martin from Incognito.

Incognito, Martin and the Miami Dolphins have been under investigation ever since the incident occurred back in October, and NFL Special Investigator Ted Wells is expected to release his full report within the next week or so.

But, after taking a look at all of the text messages exchanged between the two former teammates, which dates back to 2012, it appears as though most of the talk between Martin and Incognito was friendly banter. In fact, it looks like they are/were the best of buds. The apparent text from Incognito that stated “I will murder your whole f****** family” was actually a photo of a woman holding a dog. The dog had a creepy look on his face, and it was clearly sent to Martin in a joking, best-of-buds manner.

The captioned photo was sent to him on October 23, 2013, just a week before Martin stormed out of the team facilities. But did Martin’s issues really stem from Incognito’s texts?

Doesn’t seem likely, especially given the texts that Martin had been sending back to Richie throughout the year. The texts certainly don’t help Martin’s “innocent” case. Check out the link we posted above (if you don’t mind the explicit content of the texts) to judge for yourself.

We should get the full report from Wells any day now, but we may never know what actually drove Martin out of Miami.

On top of the release of the texts, the suspension of Incognito has reportedly been lifted and Incognito tweeted out his support of Jonathan Martin today:


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