Introducing…the "Greatest Team in NFL History" Bracket

April 21, 2010 • Ben Heck • Uncategorized

That is correct, people.  I have decided to hold a “Greatest Team in NFL History Bracket” using the good ole simulator.  This happens to be the same simulator that I used to start the “Match-up of the Day” series.  That reminds me, I should probably get to stepping on that second installment of the series (it’ll come eventually, I hope).

Much like the NCAA March Madness tournament every March and April, I shall hand pick a field of 64 teams and place them in four different regions (most likely just randomized).  I will seed each region 1-16 based on my opinion on which are the best.

I have decided that, since the math works out perfectly, there will be two past teams from each of the 32 current franchises.  I will do my best to spread the teams out when it comes to eras.

Stay tuned, the next time you hear from me about this tourney will be when I have all 64 teams picked out and seeded.  Then the real fun begins!

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