Katie Nolan (Garbage Time Host) Re-Enacts Wild Card Weekend Action

January 14, 2016 • Ben Heck • Front Page, NFL Playoffs, Video

If you know me personally, you’d know how big of a Katie Nolan fan I am. I truly hope her Fox Sports 1 show, Garbage Time, gets picked up for the long haul, because it’s great. I feel as though too many sports shows out there take everything a bit too serious, which is why I enjoy Garbage Time so much: it’s fun, and Katie has a different take than most of the “talking heads” out there.

Lets just disregard the fact that she’s a hardcore Patriots fan.

In case you missed last night’s show (or haven’t checked out some of the latest Youtube clips from last night’s show), here’s one of the best segments of the week:

What better way to own the “low budget” feel than to do an incredibly low-budget “re-enactment” of the action? Not the first time the show has taken this type of approach to highlights, and I certainly hope it’s not the last time.

Photo: Screenshot of Youtube Vid

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