’15 Pick’Em

This year, we’ll be doing a weekly NFL pick’em, which is open to anyone that would like to participate and won’t be for money.

We’ll be picking six games per week, and the weekly games that I’ll be choosing, along with the scores of all the participants, will be posted here each week.

Note: You get five points for each correctly picked game, -2 points for each incorrectly picked game.

LeaderBoard (regular season)

WINNER: Christian Kern (staff): 230 points (62-40)
Ben Heck (staff): 230 points (62-40)
Jim Thompson: 223 points (61-41)
Sam Heck: 216 points (60-42)
Johnny Ulecka (staff): 202 points (58-44)
Mike Wrathall: 188 points (56-46)
Casey Farrell: 174 points (54-48)

Anthony Carter: 139 points (49-53)

Playoff Picks

Johnny Ulecka: 9-2
Jim Thompson: 9-2
Christian Kern: 8-3
Casey Farrell: 8-3
Mike Wrathall: 8-3
Ben Heck: 7-4
Sam Heck: 6-5
Anthony Carter: 6-5

Last Updated: Monday 2/8/16 at 12:33 P.M. ET

Week 1 Games

Packers at Bears
Seahawks at Rams
Saints at Cardinals
Titans at Buccaneers
Ravens at Broncos
Eagles at Falcons (Monday)

Week 2 Games

Lions at Vikings
Patriots at Bills
Falcons at Giants
Cowboys at Eagles
Seahawks at Packers
Jets at Colts (Monday)

Week 3 Games

Colts at Titans
Bengals at Ravens
Eagles at Jets
Raiders at Browns
Bears at Seahawks
Chiefs at Packers (Monday)

Week 4 Games

Giants at Bills
Chiefs at Bengals
Browns at Chargers
Packers at 49ers
Vikings at Broncos
Cowboys at Saints

Week 5 Games

Seahawks at Bengals
Saints at Eagles
Jaguars at Buccaneers
Patriots at Cowboys
49ers at Giants
Steelers at Chargers (Monday)

Week 6 Games

Cardinals at Steelers
Bengals at Bills
Bears at Lions
Panthers at Seahawks
Chargers at Packers
Patriots at Colts

Week 7 Games

Saints at Colts
Texans at Dolphins
Jets at Patriots
Cowboys at Giants
Eagles at Panthers
Ravens at Cardinals (Monday)

Week 8 Games

Bengals at Steelers
Giants at Saints
Chargers at Ravens
Jets at Raiders
Packers at Broncos
Colts at Panthers (Monday)

Week 9 Games

Packers at Panthers
Dolphins at Bills
Rams at Vikings
Giants at Buccaneers
Broncos at Colts
Eagles at Cowboys

Week 10 Games

Cowboys at Buccaneers
Bears at Rams
Dolphins at Eagles
Vikings at Raiders
Patriots at Giants
Cardinals at Seahawks

Week 11 Games

Raiders at Lions
Colts at Falcons
Cowboys at Dolphins
Chiefs at Chargers
Packers at Vikings
Bengals at Cardinals

Week 12 Games

Panthers at Cowboys (Thursday)
Bears at Packers (Thursday)
Vikings at Falcons
Saints at Texans
Steelers at Seahawks
Patriots at Broncos

Week 13 Games

Seahawks at Vikings
Texans at Bills
Broncos at Chargers
Chiefs at Raiders
Colts at Steelers
Cowboys at Redskins (Monday)

Week 14 Games

Vikings at Cardinals (Thursday)
Steelers at Bengals
Bills at Eagles
Saints at Buccaneers
Redskins at Bears
Falcons at Panthers

Week 15 Games

Falcons at Jaguars
Texans at Colts
Bills at Redskins
Packers at Raiders
Broncos at Steelers
Cardinals at Eagles

Week 16 Games

Steelers at Ravens
Patriots at Jets
Bears at Buccaneers
Jaguars at Saints
Packers at Cardinals
Giants at Vikings

Week 17 Games

Jets at Bills
Jaguars at Texans
Lions at Bears
Raiders at Chiefs
Seahawks at Cardinals
Vikings at Packers

Playoff Games

Wild Card
Chiefs at Texans
Steelers at Bengals
Seahawks at Vikings
Packers at Redskins

Divisional Round
Chiefs at Patriots
Packers at Cardinals
Steelers at Broncos
Seahawks at Panthers

Conference Championships
Patriots at Broncos
Cardinals at Panthers

Super Bowl
Panthers vs. Broncos

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