NFL Stock Watch: Teams on the Rise/Fall After Week 12

December 1, 2015 • Joe Messineo • Features, Front Page, Lists

Another week of the NFL season is in the books––and boy, was it a good one. Week 12 of the NFL season had it all, including a prime-time battle of titans and the league’s signature Thanksgiving Day games. Throughout it all, we learned a lot about where some of our favorite teams stand in the league’s pecking order. Here’s our stock report for Week 12 of the NFL season.

Dallas Cowboys
Stock: DOWN

The epic Dallas Cowboys resurgence has officially been cancelled. Tony Romo is down again, and the Cowboys look as lost as ever. They needed to make a serious run late in the season to steal a division victory in the NFC East, and without Romo, that’s an all but impossible task. Cowboys fans will remember this as the season that might have been, and then almost was again, and then sure as heck was not.

Denver Broncos
Stock: UP

The Broncos had to face the undefeated New England Patriots this Sunday night, and they had to do so without the help of arguably the greatest quarterback of all time. No problem: the Broncos got it done with Brock Osweiler instead. Osweiler’s arm strength adds a new dimension to this Broncos offense, and it’s starting to look like they’ll be just fine without Manning in the mix.

Detroit Lions
Stock: UP

It’s probably too late for the Lions in 2015, but they’ve sure had a great run over the past few weeks. They beat Green Bay, Oakland, and now the Eagles, and this week’s victory was especially sweet. Detroit won their Thanksgiving game 45-14. We would have put the Eagles’ stock on this list but, frankly, it’s been at rock bottom for a few weeks now.

Green Bay Packers
Stock: DOWN

Time to panic! The Packers have dropped another divisional matchup, this one to the Chicago Bears. The Bears have been playing decent football under first-year head coach John Fox, but they’re far from elite, and this loss should really worry Packers fans. Once again, the Packers seem in danger of having to settle for a Wild Card spot. Aaron Rodgers just hasn’t looked like himself lately. Rumors abound about that tried-and-true sign of desperation: the players-only meeting. There’s not much good news in Wisconsin right now.

Kansas City Chiefs
Stock: UP

Another win for Kansas City, and this time over a fellow Wild Card contender. KC still has only lost to one bad team (the Chicago Bears), and still seems like a favorite to head to the postseason. With a win over Denver under their belts, the Chiefs look like potential giant-killers in the playoffs. You don’t want to see these guys in the first round.

Pittsburgh Steelers
Stock: DOWN

The Steelers are another likely AFC playoff team, but they aren’t going to make much noise in the postseason if they play like they did against the Seattle Seahawks. The offense, led by QB Ben Roethlisberger, did pretty well in the face of the Seahawks secondary, but the defense and coaching left a lot to be desired. A poorly executed trick play set up one Seattle touchdown, and poor defensive play helped Russell Wilson and co. score the rest of their points. If Pittsburgh can’t stop Seattle’s offense, what are they going to do against Cincinnati’s or New England’s?

Washington Redskins
Stock: UP

The NFC East just keeps getting weirder. This week’s beneficiaries were the Washington Redskins, who beat the New York Giants and now hold a first-place spot in football’s most confusing division. Yes, the Washington Redskins could be a playoff team, and that may not be as wrong as it sounds. The Redskins are 5-6, but they owe a few of their losses to elite teams (New England, Carolina) and a couple more to at least respectable ones (Atlanta, New York Jets).


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