• WIS Match-up of the Day: ’00 Ravens v.s. ’85 Bears

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    Using’s simulator (, I am introducing a new, hopefully daily, column.  Today’s WIS Match-up of the Day will be between two past Super Bowl champions, and have arguably two of the best defensive units of all-time.  The 1985 Chicago Bears (and the Super Bowl Shuffle) and the 2000 Baltimore Ravens (and Ray Lewis’ one-of-a-kind pregame dance)..


    The Place: LA Coliseum

    Game Day Weather: 70 degrees, 0% precipitation, light wind

    Offensive playbook: Favor run (both teams)

    Game Action:

    A majority of the scoring in this game happened in the fourth quarter, which is very uncharacteristic with two defenses of this caliber on the field.

    Chicago’s Hall of Fame running back, and today’s player of the game, Walter Payton, opened the scoring up with a 17-yard catch and run late in the second quarter of play.  Kevin Butler’s extra point made it a 7-0 game and was, again, the only score of the first half.

    Both offensive units surprisingly played nearly mistake-free football.  Baltimore’s two signal-callers–starter Trent Dilfer and Tony Banks–were rather inconsistent, completing just 13 of 30 pass attempts, but did not turn the ball over.  On the other side, Chicago’s usually sub-par quarterback Jim McMahon managed to stay turnover-less as well.

    Possible Hall of Fame kicker Matt Stover finally put Baltimore on the board with a 48-yard field goal early in the final quarter of play.  Baltimore took their first lead 12 minutes later when Obafemi Ayanbadejo squeezed in to the end zone from two yards out.

    McMahon drove his Bears’ offense down the field and, with under a minute to go, threw his second and final touchdown pass of the game to WR Willie Gault, a 38-yard connection.  The drive lasted seven plays and went for 66 yards before the score put Mike Ditka’s Bears up 14-10.

    Trent Dilfer failed to get a drive together, going just four plays before turning the ball over on downs.  Chicago kicker Kevin Butler sealed the win with a last-second 38-yard field goal.

    BAL 10, CHI 17

    Box Score:

    As expected, most of the stat categories were nearly identical.  Great game.  Come back tomorrow for the next ‘WIS Match-up of the Day’

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  • No Trouble from Marshall?

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    Pro Bowl wide-out Brandon Marshall, now a former Bronco, claims he will not be any trouble for the Miami Dolphins, who just signed him to a four-year extension after the acquisition.  The Dolphins gave him a record-setting deal, making him the highest-paid wide receiver.

    Of course we all know of his long list of legal troubles, which just so happen to be slightly longer than his list of accomplishments.  But, Marshall claimed that he is very happy with his situation and wont be giving the organization any problems.

    I would love to believe him, but it’s just very hard to do considering we’ve already heard this from countless other multi-million dollar athletes.  I mean, he’s making a boat-load more money, is now part of an organization with a bright future AND he’s in one of the best cities for picking up the ladies (and relax on the beach, simultaneously).

     Sounds like a great life to me.

    But then again, this happens a lot more than we might think: Professional athlete says he’s happy, a couple weeks/months later he demands a trade and throws a fit.

    If Miami’s QB carousel settles down and Marshall is getting the ball enough to satisfy him, I see big things coming for this offense.  If that doesn’t work out after a year or so, don’t be surprised if Marshall starts to yelp.

    I actually would like to believe that Miami is more happy about the pick-up than Marshall himself.  Getting a 6-foot-4, 229 pound wide receiver with great hands and legs as quick as his would make any general manager/head coach wet his pants.

    Marshall has talent, there’s no doubt about that.  On top of that, he’s just 26 years old.  His best years are certainly ahead of him.

    Miami may not be a contender this season, but with a motivated Brandon Marshall on the team things certainly are looking up for the people down south.

    (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

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  • Suspension for Big Ben?

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    It is still uncertain whether or not the Pittsburgh Steeler quarterback will be suspended to start the 2010 regular season, though all signs seem to be pointing in that direction.

    The NFL has stated that the announcement is likely to be made after the draft at the earliest, and even the Rooney’s seem to think a suspension is in place for their star quarterback.

    The punishment seems inevitable at this point. Although there weren’t any criminal charges against him, the memo Commissioner Goodell sent to teams last week is a clue of what’s coming for the 6-foot-5, 240 pound signal caller. In the statement, Goodell said:

    “The Policy makes clear that NFL and club personnel must do more than simply avoid criminal behavior. We must conduct ourselves in a way that ‘is responsible, that promotes the values upon which the league is based, and is lawful.”

    Basically, what he is saying is that he doesn’t care if you are found guilty of it or not, you’re gonna be punished. Note to players: watch out for who you hang out with. People are going to be out to get you more than ever.

    If nothing else, I think Goodell punishes Ben to show that he doesn’t hand out special treatment to any certain player. Goodell has done a nice job at handling trouble-makers so far.

    Big Ben gets a 2-4 game suspension to start the season. Put your money on it.

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  • Welcome!

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    Well, to start, my name is Ben Heck and I am currently a High School senior at QACHS in Centreville, MD. I write articles for a few other sites (look in my bio for specifics) and I started this up just for the fun of it..which means I highly doubt anyone is really going to read this.

    I am going to try and post several things a day, but I doubt that is actually going to happen. We’ll see.

    Thank you and enjoy!

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