Photo of the Night: Peyton and Family Congratulate Lewis after Victory

I don’t think it matters who you cheer for and cheer against, or which players you like and dislike. Either way, this is an image that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.
Two legends: One is just starting a new chapter in his illustrious career. The other is just about to finish the last page of his legendary career. Denver’s Peyton Manning fell to Baltimore Saturday night, but that didn’t stop him (and his family) from congratulating the legendary linebacker Ray Lewis for his latest win.
With no more than three weeks left in his NFL career, as he announced he’d retire from the game following this season, Lewis and his Ravens have fought to live another week.
In what may go down as one of the best postseason games in history––it’ll go down as one of the best in Baltimore and Denver’s franchise history, at the very least––Baltimore came away with a 38-35 victory in two overtime periods.
The image below may go down as a legendary photograph, as Peyton––one of the classiest quarterbacks this league may ever see––stayed after the loss to congratulate Lewis on his team’s victory.
What a great game, and what a great time to capture the moment.
Note: We do not own the image, no copyright infringement intended.

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