Q&A with Super Bowl Champion Kevin Carter

February 9, 2011 • Ben Heck • Interviews

I recently had the chance to talk with former NFL defensive end Kevin Carter after coming in contact with him via, a new interactive website created so that fans and current/former NFL players may have a commonplace on the web.

Kevin is a busy guy, even while retired, so the interview was done through email. Here’s what he had to say…
All-Out Blitz: As creator of the new fan-friendly website, what gave you the idea for the site and what went on behind the scenes to set it up?
Kevin Carter: I can’t take credit for creating I originally came on as a spokesperson for a concept that I believed in. One of the coolest social media networks made up of Legends and fans of all things football. DeMaurice Smith (Executive Director of NFLPA), gave me a call last summer about the NFL Players (The marketing arm of the NFLPA) possibly partnering with a social media company.  When I thought about what we are experiencing now as a reality as a possibility back then, I jumped at the chance to be a part of something so cool.
AOB: Continuing with this topic, is there anything you would like accomplished with the site, do you have any goals (for the site)?
KC: When I first thought of the possibilities of what this could mean for players, I thought of the teams that would be reassembled, relationships rekindled, the expressed respect given, the encouragement taken, etc. As a former NFLPA executive committee member, I think of the benefits of networking. What better place to do that than inside the “locker room.”
AOB: Throughout your 14-year NFL career, and still to this day, you are involved in numerous charities. Could you tell your fans a little bit about the charity work you do/have done and who benefits from the hard work?
KC: My wife and I started the Kevin Carter Foundation in 2001. In 14 years of professional football, the thing that I’m most proud of is all the good we have been able to accomplish through our foundation.  I’m proud to have raised and given away nearly 2 million dollars in just 10 years. Primarily to Make A Wish, Boys and Girls Club, Leukemia and Lymphoma society, Cystic Fibrosis, Bridges of Williamson County, just to name a few.
AOB: You are one of 25 players in the history of the NFL with over 100 sacks. What tips or advice would you give young (youth, high school, college) defensive lineman trying to improve their pass rushing skills? Or just players in general trying to reach the professional level one day?
KC: Core Strength and extra work on balance are always good. Plus watch all the good pass rushers you can… It’s amazing how many ways there are to get to the Quarterback!
AOB: How does winning the Vince Lombardi trophy with St. Louis in 1999 compare to any of your other accomplishments both in football and life in general?
KC: It was a truly magical moment in my life, where so many things were perfect. I’m so blessed to have been a part of something so special. It means more and more as the years go by to see the trail of memories and experiences that can be traced back to pivotal moments of my personal history. Winning a Lombardi Trophy is one of those pivotal moments.
AOB: Considering you’re a former player and all, did you go to Dallas for the Super Bowl this year? If so, what was the experience like, and what are your thoughts on Aaron Rodgers’ postseason success?
KC: Dallas was an absolute treat! It was a lot of work for SOTL, but well worth it.  Because of my job, I got to sit in and consult during  the filming  of  Training Videos by  Pro Bowlers Michael Vick and Larry Fitzgerald.  Got to see so many other legends.

Also, being in that atmosphere always brings back memories of Atlanta. I believe we had an ice storm that year as well… I think that Aaron Rodgers had the kind of year within an obviously great team situation. That let’s you know the kind of poise & balance that he maintains as the person who touches the ball on every offensive play. He was playing his best football at the end of the season.

AOB: Thank you for your time, Kevin, and good luck to you and the website.
I advise all fans, and current and former players and coaches to check out the site (Schoolofthelegends,com). It is still improving each and every day and is a great way to interact.

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