Shock & Heartbreak: What’s Next For the City of St. Louis?

January 13, 2016 • Ben Heck • Features, Front Page, NFC, NFC West, St. Louis Rams

Honestly, I have no idea what the city of St. Louis, Missouri is feeling right now: disappointment, anger, sorrow…maybe a little bit of shock and confusion?

It’s a rough week for STL sports fans.

**For those living under a rock, it was announced by the National Football League yesterday that it was approved by the owners (30-2) for the St. Louis Rams to re-locate to Los Angeles.**

The San Diego Chargers were given the option to decide, by January 2017, whether they’d like to follow the Rams to L.A. or stay put in San Diego (a SD move to L.A. looks imminent at this point in time).

Sure, the city of St. Louis still has the Cardinals (MLB) and Blue (NHL), but it must be difficult to lose an NFL franchise, especially when its owner told the fan base, when he purchased the team, that he wouldn’t be moving the team out of the city. And now he’s not only packing up and shifting out, but he’s heading all the way to the west coast.

Owner Stan Kroenke is bound to lose a large portion of his current fan base, but fortunately for him there’s an entire city of people ready and willing to welcome any NFL team with open arms. It doesn’t even matter that Kroenke’s Rams haven’t had a winning season since 2003.

My question here, though, is a simple “what’s next?” for the city of St. Louis? There are a number of different cities (both U.S. and international) that would love a shot at playing host to an NFL team in the future. San Antonio, Las Vegas, Toronto, London, San Diego (if they lose the Chargers), Oakland (if they lose the Raiders), just to name a few. St. Louis can’t compete with them all. So, will they ever get an NFL team back? It’s a sad day in St. Louis. I guess the Chiefs are about to gain a huge number of fans….right??

Okay, fine, I do have one last question: is this karma for St. Louis Cardinals fans’ obnoxiousness over the last few years? (asking for a friend).

Honestly, I think Deadspin did the best job at capturing the anger and disdain that Rams’ fans currently feel towards its former NFL franchise.

Enjoy your new sports team(s), Los Angeles!

Photo: Associated Press

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