Six Years Later: Remembering Sean Taylor

November 27, 2013 • Caitlin Farrell • D.C., NFC

November 27th.

Every year on this date I find myself thinking the same thing; has it really been another year since Sean Taylor’s death? And then: man, the Redskins could still really use him. Because that’s how I knew Sean Taylor. To me, he was a defensive football player, and a pretty good one.

But today, while researching his stats, I came across some information about his personal life. And I realized that there are a lot of other people who could “still really use him.” His girlfriend. His daughter. His family, his friends, his teammates. All the people in his 24 short years of life that really knew him. The people who called him Sean, not Washington Redskins Free Safety Sean Taylor. The people who got to look into his eyes, not just at the burgundy 21 on the back of his jersey. The people who would’ve bought him a present for his 30th birthday in April. The people who wish they could treat November 27th like any other day, instead of the horrible reminder that it is.

I was going to write about the championships he helped his high school and college football teams achieve, how he was drafted fifth overall by the Washington Redskins in 2004, how he earned Pro Bowl honors for the 2006 season. But being a football player was just what he did, not who he was. And I, unfortunately, will never get to know who Sean Taylor really was.

Rest in peace, Washington Redskins Free Safety Sean Taylor. My heart goes out to all those missing Sean.

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