Super Bowl XLVIII Media Frenzy in Full-Swing

January 28, 2014 • Ben Heck • AFC, Drama, Events, Front Page, NFC

Unfortunately we do not possess a media credential for Super Bowl media week (hopefully one day in the near future this will be possible for us). But that doesn’t mean we can’t bring you the best of the best of Super Bowl XLVIII’s media coverage.

To be honest, I believe media week at radio row to be a bit overrated anyways. Perhaps that’s due to the fact that we are unable to attend the week-long frenzy ourselves. But either way, every journalist in attendance seems to ask the athletes the most ridiculous questions possible. After hearing some of the dumb questions being asked by media members during today’s press conferences, I feel bad for the multi-million dollar players being forced to answer these questions.

Here’s just a few of the countless moronic questions from today, including which player the particular question was aimed at:

*Denver’s Shaun Phillips: “Do you feel this game is a must-win?”

Uh, are you kidding me? It’s the Super Bowl, of course it’s a “must-win.”

*Asked by a media member, aimed at an unnamed player: “Who has the smelliest farts in the locker room?”

I’m honestly speechless on this one. Why? Why would you ask someone that? It has absolutely nothing to do with the game itself, and what would you even do with that information?

*Denver’s Danny Trevathan: “Would you rather see Andy Reid or Mark Mangino in a thong?”

Once again, WHY?! Neither Reid (Kansas City Chiefs head coach) nor Mangino (Iowa State’s newly-hired offensive coordinator) are coaching in this game. Trevathan has no personal connection to the two football coaches. So why is this something that a media member would even think about asking a guy currently preparing for the biggest game of his life? Luckily, Danny declined to answer. Smart move.

*Denver’s Peyton Manning: “Will you be making an appearance on SNL this week?”

Dumb. Sure, Peyton has made appearances on SNL in the past, and he’s been a huge hit on the show. But the night before the Super Bowl? Hell no. Why would this even be something that would cross anyone’s mind?

*Seattle’s Richard Sherman: “Do you have anything to say to or about Justin Bieber?”

Let’s keep the troubled pop star out of the headlines at Super Bowl’s Media Day. He’s been catching enough attention, he doesn’t need more air time. Why would Sherman give a flip about what he’s been doing with his life anyways? He’s got his own things to worry about.

*Sherman again: “Do you have anything to say to strippers?” (paraphrased question)

Another silly comment to make, but let’s be honest here: would you really expect anything less? Sherman had a solid answer to this ludicrous question though: “There are other avenues to make money…women can do anything they want.” Well played.

These are just five of the countless ridiculous and embarrassing questions asked throughout the coverage today, but I think I’ll stop there. You get the idea, right? Media day/week at the Super Bowl is all just an act…there really is no point to it other than filling time leading up to the big game.

If I were to guess, I’d say that over half of the questions directed towards players today had absolutely nothing to do with the football game being played on Sunday evening. It’s sad, really. And it sure gives reporters and journalists a bad name, but I guess a lot of them out there deserve the bad press they get considering the questions being asked.

No wonder Seattle’s All-Pro running back Marshawn Lynch––fined $50 by the league earlier this month for not talking to the media this season––spent just six minutes speaking to the media today. I don’t blame him one bit.

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