This is a common scenario as of late in the NFL: a team finishes last, or close to it one year and the next year they win the division and make a playoff run. Free agency and increased salary caps (along with some solid drafting for some teams) allow teamsRead More →

While veterans Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert have been named “co-starters” on the San Francisco 49ers’ depth chart, it appears the 26-year old Gabbert could be considered the heavy favorite for the start of the regular season in September. At least according to the Mercury News’ Tim Kawakami: Gabbert hasRead More →

It appears as though the San Francisco 49ers will be keeping struggling quarterback Colin Kaepernick, despite bringing in Chip Kelly as new head coach. You’d think Kelly would want to bring in his own QB to build an offense around. But according to General Manager Trent Baalke, Kaepernick will stillRead More →

Plenty of things going on in San Francisco lately. Not only will Super Bowl 50 be hosted by the city in just a few weeks, but the franchise is introducing former Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly as its next head coach this afternoon. Oh, and they are also givingRead More →