Under-the-Radar: Northwestern State Draft Prospect Lesley Deamer III

March 20, 2014 • Ben Heck • Front Page, Interviews, NFL Draft

It’s tough to catch the attention of professional scouts, coaches and front office personnel when you’re coming from a small school such as Northwestern State University––located in Natchitoches, Louisiana. But that hasn’t stopped defensive tackle Lesley Deamer III from chasing his NFL dreams this winter/spring.

At 6’3″/304 pounds, Deamer is a force to be reckoned with on the defensive line, and the senior finished his 2013 campaign with 43 total tackles (7.0 TFL), 4.0 sacks and a forced fumble in 12 games played with the Demons.

For his size, Deamer is a gifted athlete that played some linebacker during his high school career before starting three seasons on the defensive line while attending Northwestern State University.

While he gears up for his upcoming Pro Day workouts, Deamer took some time to speak with us briefly regarding his college career and his Draft preparation:

All-Out Blitz: What is your the proudest moment of your college career?

Lesley Deamer III: Winning Chief Caddo (trophy awarded annually to the winner of the NWSU/Stephen F. Austin match-up), my last game here, is probably the biggest moment during my college football career. It’s one of the biggest trophies in college football (stands about 7.5 feet tall), so it meant a lot to go out there and win that in my last game.

AOB: Biggest challenge, heading into the draft, coming out of a small school such as Northwestern State?

Deamer: Probably competing with the guys at the big schools. Being able to prove that you’re just as good as those guys. It’s a little harder to get noticed when you’re not playing on ESPN every weekend. But I think it’ll all work out for the best.

AOB: If you had to describe yourself as a player, how would you do so?

Deamer: Athletic ability, fluidity, instinctive, hard-working. I’m still learning. I played some linebacker in high school, and I started three years in college at D-line. So I’m still learning all the techniques and everything on the defensive line.

AOB: If you could compare yourself to any NFL player (in the game right now), who would it be and why?

Deamer: It would be kinda hard, but I like watching J.J. Watt play. Even when he doesn’t get sacks he’s knocking passes down, he’s right there on every play. He plays real fierce and I really like that.

With his Pro Day coming up on April 8, Deamer stated that he’ll be focusing most of his attention, heading in, on the 40-yard dash and bench press. That’s what scouts are looking forward to watching Deamer III compete in the most once April rolls around.

You can follow his path to the draft and watch his highlights here:

And follow him on Twitter: @InDEAMweTrust


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